1. Primary School Admissions 

If you require a place for your child in Reception class September 2019, it is important that you register your interest with school as soon as possible:

  1. October – During October letters will be sent to you from school giving you guidance on how to apply for a Reception place online.
  2. November – Online applications open in November.
  3. April – Notification from Tameside LA will be sent to your home address or via email towards the end of April 2019.

2. Further Information

Our Admissions Policies

You can find further details regarding Admissions in our ‘Admissions Policy’ and ‘Nursery Admission Policy’ for the relevant school year. These can be found on the school policies page.

Visits to SJF

Parents who wish to visit the school may do so by appointment with the main school office.  Please contact the school for an appointment.

‘In Year’ Admissions

For ‘In Year’ admissions please contact Tameside Local Authority directly on 0161 342 3208.

Admission Contacts In School

For any information or enquiries regarding visits to school, please contact our school office, in the first instance.