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The ASD Resource Base is a specialist provision catering for children who have a diagnosis of  Autism and an Education, Healthcare Plan. It is also a base for the C.L.A.S.S. outreach team. The Base is located at St John Fisher RC Primary School in Haughton Green, Denton. It has two purpose built classrooms. Our aim is to involve all children in the social and academic life of the school wherever possible. We strive to provide positive learning experiences for all our children.

Teaching and Learning

Pupils with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) do not experience the same emotions and thought processes that we would expect of most school age children.Therefore it is important that we adapt the classroom environment and the way in which we deliver the curriculum, to ensure that these students experience success.

The children share dinner and play times and take part in some assemblies. We also aim to include children whenever possible in mainstream classes. Those who are able to cope will gradually increase the proportion of time spent with their mainstream peers. The level of inclusion in mainstream classes is based upon individual needs and abilities. A good deal of time is spent discussing individual programmes with other teachers in order to ensure that every child benefits from these experiences.

We now know that pupils with an ASD have visual strengths and it is vital that we use a range of visual strategies to improve their understanding and positive interactions with learning. We provide a curriculum that not only focuses on their academic needs but also allows them to develop their skills of social intercation and social awareness.

Lessons in the Resource Base aim to immerse the children in their learning; to capture their enthusiasm and imagination.

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