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Caritas and Cornerstones

Following the induction of our new Caritas Ambassadors at the Cathedral recently, they took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the rest of school and to let them know a little of what they will be doing in the future.

Caritas is the charitable arm of the Salford Diocese and it is our Ambassadors’ job to “spread the word” about Caritas activities amongst the rest of school.

The children watched a video about St Joseph’s Welfare group who visit lonely and isolated people in the community to give them a lifeline of contact so they don’t feel so alone.

Also present at the assembly was Marjorie Coates who has worked at the Cornerstones Centre in Manchester for the past 22 years. The centre, which is part funded by Caritas, is a place where homeless and disadvantaged people can go for shelter and food and take advantage of other facilities like computers, washing machines etc.

Cornerstones was set up 26 years ago after Canon O’Connor at St Augustine’s Church in Manchester responded to the needs of people in the area who had nowhere to go so there has been a Catholic theme throughout this period.

They can cater for up to 200 people a day at the centre and it seems, from what Majorie said, to be an inspirational place to be.

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