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Governors and Staff at R.E. INSET

St. John Fisher staff and governors attended a joint R.E. INSET with the staff and governors of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Ashton. The day was led by Sister Judith Rossi and the title of the training was ‘A Radical Gospel Mission’.

Some of the points made included:

  • To continue to create a world fit for God’s children
  • To continue the mission that Jesus Christ came to do
  • We are messengers of Hope and Joy
  • What we say and what we do must come together
  • Everything we do must be of the highest standard possible
  • Outstanding is only the first rung of the ladder
  • We should aim for excellence because of who the children are
  • This is the mandate from the Church
  • We should empower children; find the gift in every child, then nurture and develop it
  • To be a ‘revolutionary’ school, we should have academic excellence with Catholic social teaching
  • We are learning this to make a difference

During the academic year, the R.E. Leader, Mr. Tanti, is going to work with pupils, staff, parents and governors to develop a Vision statement which is a public statement reflecting the aspirations and core beliefs of the school. It inspires those within school and informs parents where the school wants to go, and why all should be committed to it. 

From this, will come an updated Mission statement, which will state the practical commitments and actions needed to achieve the Vision; it identifies what the school values.



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