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Hope in the Future-Developing School-Parish Links

Just over a year ago, on Thursday 4th October 2017, parish representatives: Fr. Peter, Sr. Dolores, Denise Corry, Pat Healey and Donal Townson attended the launch of Hope in the Future, which was launched by Bishop John Arnold at the Cathedral of St. John in Salford.

Hope in the Future is an initiative designed to help grow the Church for future generations; and answer the call of Pope Francis for us all to be Missionary Disciples.  

The programme is an invitation to every parish in the Diocese to recognise its potential and develop its missionary identity. It is a five stage journey and the parish of St. Mary and St. John Fisher is coming to the end of stage one which was called, Celebrating the Parish. Key to this stage is recognising the Missionary Activity that already takes place in the parish.

Read more about the five stages here. 

Over the year, meetings attended by up to thirty parishioners were held at St. Mary’s Parish Hall, and, once, we had identified what already takes place in our parish, it was agreed to have three strands to move forward with: developing spirituality, working with the youth and developing social occasions. 

Towards the end of the first year, on 26th June 2018, Hope in the Future was launched in all the Diocesan Schools which celebrated the gifts and talents of all our young people.

Each school was presented with a San Damiano cross. Read here to find out more about why this image was chosen.

Now that the new academic year has started, parish representatives are meeting with the Headteacher and staff to look at ways of further developing school-parish links.

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