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Nativity Plays Have a Great Community Feeling

This year’s Nativity plays, one performed by EYFS (Nursery and Reception) and the other by Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) pupils had a great community feeling, with both performances acted out in front of a school hall full of parents, grandparents, extended family members and governors. It was extremely pleasing to see such support, considering how difficult it is for people to organise some time off work at such a busy stage of the year.

The EYFS version was called ‘Our First Nativity-2’, with the original released in 2010 and re-written in 2014, featuring eight new songs and scripts based on familiar tunes and nursery rhymes. The K.S. 1 play had a much longer title which gave a clue to its content; ‘Lights, Camels. Action!-It’s Strictly the Nativity which featured a marvellous variety of seven songs and spectacular dancing, ranging from tango to line dancing, and ballet to disco.

All the young pupils in both plays were excited to perform in front of their families and friends, confidently displaying their acting, singing and dancing skills, way beyond their years to get across the Christmas message. There was rapturous applause and cheering from both audiences who appreciated the hard work of all the staff and pupils to put on two scintillating performances.

At the end, Headteacher, Mrs. Harris, staff and governors served tea, coffee and mince pies to all our guests who took the opportunity to have a chat and catch-up in a very welcoming and relaxed environment. 


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