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Year 6 Forest School – Making Rope-Swings!

  In their Forest School lesson, the children in Year Six made two Rope-swings for everyone to enjoy. The children worked as a team to put up the rope-swings and did a fantastic job.

The rope was extremely long so the  children decided to play ‘Tug of War’ before it was cut down to the right size. The game consisted of two rounds and the teams were Boys vs Girls. Both teams put in lots of effort but unfortunately, only one team could win… The girls emerged victorious in not one, but two rounds! They used their amazing strength and managed to pull the rope so hard that the boys fell over in the mud! Both teams did very well, but we have to congratulate the girls on their victory.

 In order to make the rope-swings secure, Year Six chose two very strong and sturdy trees to use for their swings. The branch on the tree was too high to simply hang the rope, so two of our best netballers, Isobel and Grace, worked together to throw the ropes over the branches and tie them in a knot. However, the swings couldn’t be put up properly from the ground, so some brave people from the class had to climb up the trees to help out! (Don’t worry, everything was supervised.) The children who weren’t throwing ropes or clambering up trees were still helping by offering moral support, sharing their expertise and ideas and giving a helping hand when needed.

 Also, Year Six helped to clear up some of the spiky branches and dead trees that were around the forest. They carried the sticks out the forest and put them into a pile. By the end of the lesson, the forest was a much cleaner and enjoyable place. Year Six worked really hard in this lesson and had lots of fun, too.

 To celebrate their hard work, the children ended their lesson by having milk or hot chocolate and a biscuit in the pod! Keep up the good work, Year Six!

Written by Emily Hennis.



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