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Yr 5/6 Football Festivals – Plate winners.

To replace school football leagues this year, Tameside Schools FA have introduced Football Festivals that have been played at Copley Academy for the past couple of weeks. 

Our boys football team attended Copley Academy for 3 consecutive Tuesdays where they played numerous other schools. After all games had been completed, each school was allocated a competition to play in, either: Cup, Trophy or Plate. We were allocated to the Plate competition which was played on Thursday 5th October.

At the competition our team played 4 matches in a league format to determine the overall winners. The boys really raised their game and won all 4 matches, therefore winning the Plate competition. A very well done to our football team: Taylor Peters, Jayhun Ceyhan, Henry Jostel, Joshua Dodd, Jack Hall, Brandon Boal, Lennon Lee, Alex Duffy & Oliver Bentley.

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