Term Dates

2017-18 Holidays

Autumn Term 2017  Tue 05 Sep Fri 27 Oct
Mon 06 Nov Thu 21 Dec
Spring Term 2018  Tue 09 Jan Fri 9 Feb
Mon 19 Feb Thu 29 Mar
Summer Term 2018  Mon 9 Apr Fri 25 May
Mon 11 Jun Fri 20 Jul

School will also be closed on the following days:

  • Mon 04 September 2017 Teacher training 
  • Fri 22 December 2017 Teacher training 
  • Mon 08 January 2018 Teacher training 
  • Mon 07 May 2018 Bank Holiday

2018-19 Holidays

Autumn Term 2018 Tue 04 Sep Fri 26 Oct
Mon 05 Nov Fri 21 Dec
Spring Term 2019 Tue 08 Jan Fri 15 Feb
Mon 25 Feb Thu 18 Apr
Summer Term 2019 Mon 29 Apr Fri 24 May
Mon 10 Jun Fri 19 Jul

School will also be closed on the following days:

  • Mon 03 September 2018 Teacher training  
  • Mon 07 January 2019 Teacher training 
  • Mon 06 May 2019 Bank Holiday

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Other Notes 

  • School Day times can be found on our Attendance and Punctuality Page.
  • The Statutory Assessment Tests for Year 2 and Year 6 occur during May. Year 1 Phonic Assessments take place in June. If your child is absent on any test date then your child will not be awarded a level. The tests in Year 6 can only be taken on a prescribed day and cannot be taken at any other time. 
  • For information regarding Attendance and term time holidays please see our Attendance and Punctuality page