St John Fisher RC Primary School

Come Follow Me and I Will Make You Fishers of Men

Manor Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M34 7SW, United Kingdom


‘Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men’As we walk in the footsteps of Jesus we let our FAITH shine through our prayers, thoughts, words and actions.We welcome you as we would welcome our friends and family with LOVE, respect and compassion.We seek to be the best in all that we learn and do, showing creativity, self-belief and PASSION for learning and life.We will have COURAGE to change the world for the good of others and be proactive in protecting all of God’s creation. FAITH LOVE PASSION COURAGE


R.E. Subject Leader: Mr Tanti

R.E. Governor: Mrs Hamnett

Parish Link: Mr Townson

Parish Priest: Fr Peter Kinsella

Sacramental Programme

The Year 3 children in our school complete the sacrament of reconciliation (First Forgiveness) and Eucharist (Holy Communion). Our parents, with the Parish Catechists, complete a programme which leads the children to their Holy Communion. Through this programme, they will gain a complete understanding of these sacraments. 

Religious Education 

Religious Education is the most important subject at our school. We use a scheme called, "Come and See". We also learn about other faiths in our society and their beliefs. We also deliver units on Catholic Social Teaching (CST). There are seven different Catholic Social Teaching Units and they give our children a moral purpose in life. These are embedded into our curriculum and through various outreach and fundraising work that we complete.

We teach SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) using Salford Diocese's document: "Journey in Love". The R.E. Subject leader and class teachers are available to talk through any questions you may have. 


The GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) Team

Our GIFT chaplaincy team is led by Mr Tanti.

We are missionary disciples sent to spread the Word of God…They lead the spiritual and prayer life of the school.


Caritas Ambassadors

Our pupil led Caritas Ambassadors lead much of our outreach and fundraising projects across the school. We try to support the local community as much as possible by organising events and taking part in community projects. Our children regularly collect food for the St Mary’s Foodbank and spend time working in the centre.

Manor Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M34 7SW, United Kingdom