Religious Education

Our Religious Education is based upon the R.E. Curriculum directory 2012 and is our core document.

Our core scheme is Come & See which is the curriculum advised by Salford Diocese   – however, this is to be used as a planning tool rather than provide the method for learning in R.E. The content is influenced greatly by our focus on the liturgical year via Building the Kingdom. We aim to highlight different key elements of the liturgical year to provide whole school moments of wonder and awe. Children are taught about other religions and cultures, so they have an understanding and respect for them.

Work on social catholic teaching is developing through our curriculum Caritas in Action and projects run by Caritas ambassadors. Children have opportunities to work in a food bank, befriend the lonely through working with our parish, and other whole school fundraising projects.

RSE follows the CES framework

  • At St John Fisher RC Primary School we follow a scheme called, A Journey in Love. Information is shared with parents and for parents in Year 6 we offer a parent meeting to discuss the content and answer any questions you may have. We also have a policy that explains our teaching of RSE which is available in the policy section of the website. 

Spiritual development

  • Experience the wonder and joy through stories, celebrations, rituals and different expressions of religious and world views.
  • Ask and respond to questions of meaning and purpose

Moral Development

  • Explore morality including rules, teachings and commands.

     •  Investigate importance of service in various religions

  • Ask BIG questions on purpose and meaning of life.

Social Development

  • Explore the qualities which are valued by our school (5W’s)
  • Ask questions about the social impact of religion at age appropriate level.

Cultural Development

  • Explore similarities and differences between faiths and cultures. • Consider different cultural expressions.
  • Engage with text and artefacts from different cultures and religious backgrounds.

Raising Environmental Awareness

We teach the children about climate change and the effect it is having on our world and the reduction in the earth’s resources. We do this through initiatives such as Forest School, whole school projects led by our Eco team and we are working increasingly closer with our parish on various projects. We will be using Wardley Hall and the Laudato Si Centre to educate our children further.